Organizations are always looking forward to accelerate their Data Science pipeline, but have a major obstacle that occurs is towards the skills gap as well as the time taken to implement tasks that could be automated.

With SPSS Modeler, data scientists can accelerate tasks in a way that it’s following a certain pipeline in a way that their solution follows the entire data science methodology, from attaching the data set to cleaning and filtering the data and finally creating machine learning model, and the possibilities are limitless.

Recently on the 22nd of February Worood Dabbas, Tosin Amuda and I (Fawaz Siddiqi) conducted a webinar on creating a chatbot based on crisis communication. The main idea of the use case was to keep the public and users informed about the latest COVID-19 development and cases, and this was achieved by linking Watson Assistant with Watson Discovery & the COVID-19 API with the help of IBM Cloud Functions which is a serverless platform.

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Building machine learning models usually is a hectic job requiring a lot of developer efforts and also a lot of understanding, but there are times where we need to start with something and SPSS Modeler on IBM Cloud seems to be an amazing start. SPSS Modeler has a node and connections approach where you can actually set your data and perform tasks on it from cleaning to generating your machine learning models.

Recently, on the 29th of November IBM Developer Advocates, Fawaz Siddiqi and Hania Ibrahim conducted a workshop on SPSS Modeler and its deep dive implementation as well.


In the month of October, IBM Developer Advocates decided to conduct a Data Science focused series called, Your Path to AI. The series consisted of 7 sessions which consisted everything a nurturing developer may need for growing in the path of Data Science and AI.

Thinking you have missed out? Don’t you worry we have all the resources you need right here!

Session 1 — Journey to Data & AI — Conducted by: Huzaifah Salem & Qamar un Nisa

In this session we Huzaifah and Qamar introduced the attendees to Your Path to AI and explained the purpose of the…

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The last time you called a customer service hotline and it asked you about what issues you are facing and was able to give you more information, did you ever wonder about how all that is working? Well, you don’t have nothing to worry about at all as Khalil Faraj & I (Fawaz Siddiqi) are here to tell you about how you can make a Voice Agent with Twilio and Watson Assistant.

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As a developer, I tend to research a lot on existing solutions and open source projects to further ideate towards my current projects as well as use some of the open-source projects in my day to day code-filled life.

As a part of my journey which I started back in 2016 when commencing my undergraduate degree, I started using GitHub actively through my university assignments with my team to collaborate on various assignments and GitHub provided me with an amazing set of tools to actively collaborate and manage all my projects (at times I had 3 projects/assignments at one time…

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Ever wondered how insightful your Facebook posts can be? Let me tell you, if you derive insights from Facebook posts and comments you can actually derive your customer needs and pain-points.

As a result, on September 8th 2020, IBM Developer Advocates Fawaz Siddiqi & Faiz Hasan conducted a webinar about how you can derive and visualize insights obtained from data acquired from Facebook posts and comments.

The webinar was divided into two parts, the first part was conducted by Fawaz in which he talked about AI vs. IA, and IA is very essential as it helps us design a system…

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On September 4th 2020, IBM Developer Advocates Fawaz Siddiqi & Khalil Faraj conducted a virtual workshop as a part of the IBM Developer Series, on building predictive models for Twitter data using AutoAI and IBM Cloud Functions. The webinar was divided into two parts, the first part was conducted by Fawaz and the hands-on session was conducted by Khalil.

Fawaz Siddiqi

Cloud Developer Advocate @ IBM | Data Science, Microservices and Blockchain

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